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UPME enables you to make decisions on personal and professional choices. This process consists of a group of tools, techniques and skills to "help people help themselves". It aligns nature and individual values to the objectives and goals set for. Besides, it generates the understanding  of the needs and limitations to be developed.

It is recommended for you who, individual or professionally, :

  • desires growth and excellence
  • desires to be remarkable using your talents
  • seeks better quality of life
  • seeks -self development
  • has doubts on which way to take or, knows what the best track is but has no idea how to get there.
  • is facing career transition
  • wants to be happy, helpful, self satisfied and pleased

Transformation Indicators

  • Clarity of present skills and strong points
  • Planning skills desired
  • Thinking career strategically
  • Perspective of personal projects in short and long terms
  • Motivation and Commitment
  • Aligning personal values and actions (enjoyment)

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