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Mentoring is a qualified service offering “know-how” and guidance based on specialized expertise. It offers individual, group or team service. Our mentorship is related to 3 areas: Project Management, Coaching and Business Management.

Mentoring in Project Management - Teams

Specialized assistance for project teams in need of integration, enough know how on project management and high productivity in a short period of time.

Mentoring in Project Management – Professional

Specialized assistance for project professionals aiming at higher levels of proficiency in project management practices.

Mentoring for Coaching

Specialized assistance for beginner coaches seeking higher levels of coaching practice expertise and certification.

Mentoring for Businesses

Specialized assistance for entrepreneurs or those starting their own companies to speed up business and generate results.

KoachGate Differentials:

•  Our mentors are expert certified professionals in the market.
   Our mentoring counts on  advisory, counseling, supervision and   coaching services. 
   We have over 20 years of experience in Project Management, Management Practices and Coaching.
 •  Our services use the best project management practices.
 •  We personalize your mentoring individual or corporate project.

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